Ladies Formula Ingredients:
Dong Quai: A Chinese herb used to treat female disorders such as menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and symptoms associated with menopause. It is effective in addressing abnormal menstrual flow and weakness during periods. It relieves cramping and nervousness. Ferulic acid contained in Dong Quai pr events spasms by relaxing blood vessels and reducing clotting in peripheral vessels.
Goldenseal: An herb long used by Cherokee Indians for reducing inflammation of mucous membranes found in the intestines, vagina, and rectum. Berberine sulfate found in Golden seal prevents bacteria from adhearing to cell walls, and as a result reduces diarrhea and infection.
Damiana: Native to Mexico, long used as an aphrodisiac. It can help induce a relaxing sleep, and relieve bladder infections.
Valenan Root: Commonly used for relieving insomnia, muscle tension, gas pains, stomach cramps, panic attacks and menstrual pains.
Passion Flower: An effective analgesic used as a sedative and for pain control during PMS.
Lady' s Mantle: A very popular herb in Arabic countries where it is used to restore beauty and youth. It is also used to promote healing and for the regulation of menstruation.
Evening Primrose: It is effective in relieving cramps, hot flashes, and heavy bleeding. Some herbalists may utilize it for weight loss, arthritis pain, and high blood pressure.
Kava-Kava: Given the botanical name "Intoxicating Pepper" by its founder , Kava-Kava aids in curing nervousness and insomnia. It is also recognized as an aid in cramping relief due to water retention.
Pennyroyal: A member of the mint family and acts as a detoxifier. I t promotes menstrual flow and can stimulate uterine activity.
Raspberry Leaves: Will relax the intestinal and uterine smooth muscle during times of increased tone.

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