Relax Caps Ingredients:
Damiana: (tunera aphrodisiac): As it's botanical name suggests aphrodisiac damina has a reputation to be a sexual stimulant.. It's folk cure was for impotence. Herbatologists today recommend damina for a laxative, improving body functions, relieving anxiety and promoting well being.
Siberian Ginseng: Improves blood circulation, mental alertness, helps in curing colds and infections, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure aiding in prevention of heart disease, also has been known as an aphrodisiac. Many people may experience an increase of their energy and stamina. Women may experience and increase in their estrogen levels, and it may also enhance sexual desire in both sexes.
Gotu-Kola: This herb has become very popular in the west as a nerve tonic to promote relaxation and enhance memory. Some of it's other benefits are: improving circulation and relieving congestion due to colds and upper respiratory infections.
Kava-Kava: Given the botanical name "Intoxicating Pepper" by its founder, Kava-Kava aids in curing nervousness and Insomnia. It is also recognized as an aide in cramping relief due to water retention.
Sasparilla: This herb has become known as a tonic for male potency and is thought to contain male hormones. This creates a rise in metabolic rate. Sasparilla is also a blood purifier stimulating urination and sweating.
Saw Palmetto: Reputed as being beneficial to the reproductive organs of both sexes. It has also been used in Germany as an over the counter cure for benign prostate enlargement. This can slow down excessive urination at night.
Skullcap: Known for its calming effect on the body, Skullcap has been found to be extremely beneficial in relieving menstrual cramps and muscle tension.
Ginkgo Biloba: Recent studies of this herb have shown that it increases blood flow to the brain and lower extremities. It may help the prevention of cancer, and may relieve symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease.
Valerian: Commonly used for relieving insomnia, muscle tension, gas pains, stomach cramps, panic attacks and menstrual pains.
Niacin-Essential B-Vitamins
Hops: Most commonly used to fight against insomnia.
Rice Flour
Yohimbie: effective treatments for decreased libido, and in some cases impotence.
Oyster extract: (source of calcium)

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